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Mobile game companies

If you’re a mobile game developer, then working with a mobile game companies publisher are some things that you simply definitely need to consider. Mobile game publishers can assist you in numerous more ways than you’ll imagine for a share of your game’s revenues, and when deciding which one to travel with, you’ve got to place more into consideration than simply the profit split.
Reverb Communications
“Reverb Communications, Inc. may be a full service videogame agency that gives PR , marketing, and sales services through one integrated campaign to the interactive show business . Using precise messaging and calculated marketing campaigns, we are ready to drive consumer and industry mobile game companies demand for our clients’ products, leading to increased product sales. Our staff is comprised of driven professionals with an expertise within the launch of videogame software and peripherals. We also provide corporate branding, business development, and event management services.”
• Founded: 2003
• Company Size: 11-50 employees
• Projects: Move or Die, Warhammer, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter
Versus Evil
“Versus Evil is an independent computer game publisher who’s main focus is functioning with talented independent game developers to assist them launch unique, creative and groundbreaking video games across all platforms. The company’s philosophy centers on building a partnership, giving mobile game companies teams the extent of support they need , offering advice when needed and dealing in tandem to take care of a brand’s true identity. mission capabilities include marketing, advertising, PR , social media, community management, also as senior level counsel on product strategy, monetization and distribution through a network of trusted partners.”
• Founded: 2013
• Company Size: 2-10 employees
• Projects: Guild of Dungeoneering, the Banner Saga, Antihero, allow them to Come, Fear The Walking
Reborn in 2014, Finji was originally founded by Adam and Rebekah Saltsman in 2006. Our mission is to form new games and make new opportunities. We are based in Grand Rapids , Michigan, but collaborate with talented individuals from everywhere the place. We are passionate game makers who sometimes work odd hours, but we practice inclusive team policies that support good quality of life (no crunch), and supply mobile game companies significant revenue shares for all team members.”
• Founded: 2006
• Company Size: 2-10 employees
• Projects: Tunic, Night within the Woods, Overland
Team 17
“Founded in 1990, Team17 is an award-winning leading international games label and mobile game companies headquartered within the UK.
Team17 has released over 90 games so far across multiple platforms including: the Worms franchise, The Escapists, the BAFTA award-winning Overcooked, Yooka-Laylee, Aven Colony, Sheltered, Beyond Eyes. Currently Team17 is functioning alongside a varied range of talented developers from round the globe on games like the forthcoming Yoku’s Island Express, Genesis: Alpha One, Sword Legacy: Omen and lots of more.”
• Founded: 1990
• Company Size: 51-200 employees
• Projects: Worms 4, Flockers, Alien Breed
Nkidu Games
“Nkidu is an engine for progress. because the industry matures and expands, we work to assist independent mobile game companies break through the noise to succeed in an audience of passionate gamers and achieve long-term success. We understand the importance of independence, we understand the worth of individuality, and that we understand the facility of collective creativity. Change is coming ”


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