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Mobile game companies

If you’re waiting during a queue otherwise you have an hour mobile game companies to kill and you do not know what to try to to . the simplest thing is to require out your mobile and begin playing your favorite mobile game. Mobile gaming is one among the fastest growing industries lately . it’s becoming so popular that folks became hooked in to mobile games.
These days, however, you will find more adults than teens interacting with mobile game companies. In fact, consumers between the ages of 25 and 34 not only download more games than the other age bracket , but also play them more and are more likely to decide to purchase additional games within the future.
ZeptoLab may be a global gaming and entertainment company best known for developing the award-winning hit franchise Cut the Rope®. Cut the Rope games are downloaded quite 1 billion times by users round the world since the primary game’s debut in October 2010. the corporate has also released King of Thieves, a huge multiplayer mobile title with quite 50 million downloads thus far , also as Pudding Monsters and My Om Nom games. All of the games are often enjoyed on all major mobile platforms, including (but not limited to): iOS, Google Play, Amazon and Windows Phone.”
• Founded: 2010
• Company Size: 51-200 employees
• Projects: Cut The Rope, Pudding Monsters, CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars mobile game companies. Nova Games
“Nova Games may be a young and quickly growing publisher of mobile games for a broad audience. Founded in 2014 the international publisher Nova Games develops and distributes mobile games mainly for iOS and Android platforms during a F2P (Free-to-play) segment.
Nova Games team has an experience of beginning various projects in mobile industry, it’s a rapidly growing audience and a team of professional managers whose objective is to introduce game projects successfully to the US, European, Latin American and other markets of the planet .”
• Founded: 2014
Company Size: 2-10 employees
• Projects: Shadow Quest, Bombasters, Pet Glory
“Jm and Emily Greer started Kongregate 10 years ago with the vision of making an open platform for mobile game companies with a robust specialise in community engagement. Since inception, Kongregate has always prioritized treating developer partners fairly and honestly. this suggests great games for our players and an engaged audience for our developers.
Now, a decade after its introduction, Kongregate may be a leading mobile, PC, & console game publisher and web gaming portal. Through our publishing program, we work closely with game developers to supply a mess of services to assist great games become even better. Kongregate’s 30+ mobile games are downloaded over 100 million times and have many many gameplays. Kongregate’s web portal features over 100,000 free games played by tens of many players per month. Through all of this alteration and growth, our goal is to take care of our values of integrity, collaboration, and most of all, fun!”
• Founded: 2006
• Company Size: 51-200 employees mobile game companies.
• Projects: The Trail, Adventure Capitalist, Battlehand
“STEAKSTEAK may be a full-service marketing agency for independent game developers. We assist with strategy, PR , traditional press and mobile game companies, trade shows, conventions, newsletters, social networks, crowd funding, self publishing, trailer production and promotion design, website design, press kit creation and style , and advertising.”
• Founded: 2014
• Company Size: 2-10 employees
• Projects: Hexterminate, Auto-Staccato


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