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How to survive as an indie mobile game developers


I’m a Belgian independent mobile game developers and that i are making browser and mobile puzzle games full-time for nearly 10 years. This last year I even have been getting many messages from students and fellow mobile game developers asking me for advise on the way to make a living as an indie developer from developing mobile games, so that’s why i’m scripting this post.
This is not a recipe for fast mobile success, but I hope it’s an idea for anyone who is hooked in to making mobile game developers and is curious about my experiences.

Now is it possible to survive as an indie mobile game developers making mobile games during a market where every day plenty of new games are released that are endless variations of an equivalent ideas which is dominated by big companies pushing games where the most game-mechanics are focused on making the most important possible profit?

Well yes i think you’ll , but first things first: stop dreaming that one big hit, your masterpiece game you’ll work on for years which will make or break your indie development career.
My advise is to form many small games. it’ll take the pressure off of getting to form that one big hit game and that i will explain that the lifetime of alittle mobile game are often for much longer than you think that and the way you’ll enjoy that. So rather than that specialize in making an enormous hit it’s more important to specialise in your whole catalogue of games instead.

I work solo, I make the graphics and therefore the music and do the coding for my games. That’s why my games are rather small projects, I attempt to have projects that don’t take quite 3 to 4 months to finish . This works ideally on behalf of me because once I get to the top of 1 project, I start getting restless to start out performing on something new.
As a solo mobile game developers you can’t master all the sport development tools. See the limited knowledge or limited tools you master not as an obstacle but as a strength to urge you started because it is proven that having well-defined constraints drives creativity.

And talking about constraints, forcing yourself to use a limited number of elements for one particular game further helps to remain a project rather small and to stay focused. Another prominent feature of games within the mobile games stores is ratings and reviews. concentrate to them, especially the low ratings.
There is this fantastic feature of Google Play that as mobile game developers you’ll reply to a customer review, which reply finishes up within the mail box of that person.

So if you get a 1 star review, reply thereto review, you’ve got nothing to loose. I sometimes get 1 star ratings from people saying level x in my game isn’t possible therefore they think it’s a stupid game and that they are leaving a 1 star review. Well during a lot of cases once I reply and provides the player an additional hint to unravel the extent , the player will update the review and rating, because he/she didn’t expect a private reply from the mobile game developers , so turning such a 1 star rating into a 5 star rating may be a huge opportunity to not be missed.


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